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Sweet, irresistible and playful ... colors of this season are fun, energy and romantic. You are not an admirer of remarkable colors? Then you should choose coral or cream shades and definitely the white color.

By using this colors you can create modern combinations:

Icy shades

With clothes and accessories in icy shades you will look fresh in the warm days. Sophisticated blend of green and blue is the most popular choice of pastel shades. 

Red and orange 

Orange color marked the last year and this year the modern orange is spiced with red pigments, in order to become more attractive, warmer and exotic. 


Blue shades do not leave the designers's minds and again reign among trends. Modern blue varies from gentle baby or sky blue, until ink blue.

Modern "nude" shades

With this color you will almost never look vulgar, but only sexy. To avoid boredom оr monotomy by using creams shades you can combine them with strong joyful colors.

Gentle pink 

Try to experiment with pink color and you will not fail. Gentle pink hue and intense shades of cyclamen are a great choice for enriching the spring and summer combinations.

Juicy yellow

Yellow color rarely have a place among the trends, but this season won the sympathy of the designers and customers. To leave a strong impression, use the magical allure of the yellow-green color.

Charming lavender color 

Purple color regularly comes to fashion runways and in various looks. This season is part of the pastel trend. Romantic and charming shades of lavender can create an irresistible sweet cocktail of colors when is combined with other light yellow and mint nuances.

Powerful red

You can definitely skip the gentle red shades and use the powerful sexy red. It's ideal for moments when you don't want to stay unnoticed.

Gold and silver shades

Shiny gold and silver colors are usually associated with winter season, but this time, influenced by the style of 20's, has maintained its influence throughout the spring and summer season.


And of course, the warm season may not pass without white. It's ideal for walking under strong sunlight. Try to combine it with shoes and accessories in strong vivid colors to avoid monotony.


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