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Heidi Klum is a mother of four children and is approaching 40 years of her life, but despite that she has a body that every woman dream of. Former model of Victoria's Secret confidently posed for the magazine "Allure" and proudly confirm that everything we see is absolutely natural, without any "cosmetic" interventions.

"Ask me again when I'll be 65, but I am proud that on these age I can say that I haven't done nothing in that regard. Everyone has an opinion about what is good and what not, and plastic operations do not look nice to me. Especially when I see them on really young girls. And I know double younger girls who do that. What will they do when they turn 40 or 50 years?"- said 38-year-old beauty.

For the marriage with Seal, Heidi shared: "You know, I would not change anything. I do not despise anything that happened. Things happened as they happened ... I am still in the eye of the storm now and everything is a little crazy."


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