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Katy Perry looks fun and elegant in Teen Vogue magazine. We've seen her hair in few colors, but these days she has blue hair color. 

She made huge success with her album and tour California Dreams. This summer Katy plans to release the documentary film Katy Perry: Part of Me, which follows her tour, appearances, preparations etc.

When she was asked whether she's tired of the fame, famous singer replied: "I ​​am already tired of the fame! But I'm not tired of creating. Fame is just disgusting byproduct of what I do. It is a delicate creature and in some way is a wild animal. Maybe it'll love you and then will attack you. I still want to be as accessible as possible. When I greet with my fans and they cry, I will say to them: Calm down, there is no reason to cry. I will not eat you or attack you or fulfill you three wishes. I really stop to focus on what other people think."

Her last single:


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