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If you have already started with exercising, you need to follow a few rules and tips to be successful in achieving your goals.

I separated 10 tips that will help you during exercise:

1. Make a plan for exercise in which you can track your progress and to monitor your consistency.

2. Set yourself goals so you can see if you are proceeding.

3. Drink enough water so the body can properly doing the job.

4. Be well equipped. Buy the best clothing you can afford to exercise to be pleasing and comfortable.

5. Get ready for exercise. Do not waste the hours in the changing clothes and making hairstyle for the exercise.

6. Do not become obsessed with exercise.

7. Preheat right so you will avoid injuries.

8. Stretch after exercise to prevent muscle soreness.

9. Rest yourself. Every month rest from exercise. Your body appreciates a break and will return you at full strength.

10. Try new and different exercises.


Vague Raconteur said...

I do pretty much all these. So that's good. :D

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