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One of the most sexiest women in the world - talented latino beauty Sofia Vergara (39), posed for the Mexican edition of the magazine "GQ". Sofia's pictures look sexy and seductive, and in the interview she revealed what she thinks about her body.

"It is really strange all that. I remember when my mother was 40 years old - she looked great."

"Now I'm on the list of best bottoms and breasts, where my "competition" are actresses like Megan Fox, Mila Kunis and others that are even 20 years younger than me."

"Given my age, it's a great satisfaction. Well, I have a son who is almost their peer!" - said a famous actress.

On the latest photos for "GQ", Sofia left little to the imagination and all her attributes are placed first, surely on the great delight of male fans of this beautiful actress.

Cheryl Cole is a true seductress on pictures from her photo session for the British edition of men's magazine "GQ".

Dressed in red and black creations with unbuttoned patents, pop singer posing with red lipstick on her lips, "smokey" look and "wet" hairstyle.

28-year-old beauty in an interview for the magazine shared that she is eagerly waiting to meet the right one so she can have children. "I want children. I'm obsessed with babies. Of course I thought about baby names a million times. Like Elves for a little boy. I know I'm on the Earth for that reason - to be a mother" - she admitted.

When it comes to men, Cheryl discovered that she is old fashioned and would never have taken the first step, even if she likes him very much. "I'm pretty old fashioned. I'm old romantic girl. I want to be conquered" - she said.

Time stood still for Monica Bellucci. Gorgeous Italian actress with classic beauty looks amazing for her 47 years, so Italian "Vanity Fair" has chosen Bellucci for the cover of the May issue.
For this editorial, Monica posed with red lipstick on her lips and retro volume hairstyle, in Dolce & Gabbana creations which shaped her body.

Years do not afraid Bellucci. In the interview, she admitted that the wrinkles on the face are not problem for her and that she more appreciates natural beauty. "It's better to have wrinkles than plastic face" - she said. And menopause does not create fear for Bellucci. "Psychological I am ready and not afraid" - she confessed.

Many politicians, journalists, and Hollywood stars gathered for the White House correspondents' dinner. Present, among whom there were Barack and Michelle Obama demonstrated a sense of humor, laughing on jokes by comedian Jimmy Kimel.

But unless the sense of humor, on the official dinner stars showed their sense of fashion. Watch and rate the fashion choices of this celebrities ladies.

The Spanish brand Blanco presents summer collection - colorful dresses with floral and "hypnotically" prints, modern bikini, pure white creations and comfortable pants.

In the advertising campaign reappears Paula Falk, whose look is complemented by a striking and colorful fashion accessories like handbags, thick bracelets and retro sunglasses.