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Stress affects in different ways. Sometimes do not gives us peace, sometimes yelling on the people we love, sometimes we are sad and start crying ... stress is the greatest enemy for our physical and psychological health, so all people are trying daily to expel the unwelcome guest from our lives.

We encourage you to beat the stress through several lesser known tactics and tricks that are worth to try.

1. Massage your jaw.

2. Scream aloud.

3. Massage your ears.

4. Begin to iron.

5. Take some pistachios.

6. Shake your body.

7. Voiceless tell the alphabet.

8. Hold the arm of your love for 10 minutes.

9. Take a deep breathe.

Dry and cracked hands are bad looking, make you feel incomfortable and have hoarse touch, and in some cases may cause itching or pain.
The fact is that the hands are an irreplaceable tool in doing everyday activities and it is almost impossible to fully protect yourself from harmful influences as strong chemicals that we often come in contact with. Fortunately, there are many ways that will protect your hand skin and you will be proud of them.


Using strong soap and hot water
Washing hands frequently
Regular exposure to detergents and cleaners
Dry air
Continuously using hands on work


Exfoliation with sugar and olive oil

Mix 3 spoons sugar with two spoons of olive oil and rub your hands. Massage with circular movements for 5 minutes, then wash them with warm but not hot water.

Soft hands with honey and banana

You need: 1 spoon honey, 1 banana, 1 lemon and 1 spoon butter. Grater the banana, add it the honey and butter and drain lemon. Mix well, then apply the mixture on the hands. After 20 minutes, wash with hot water. You'll feel your soft hands.

Silky touch with Vaseline

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, apply a thicker layer of Vaseline on the hands before bedtime and put cotton gloves. In the morning you will see a huge improvement.

Humidification with yolk and almond oil

Mix yolk of egg and brush your hands with it. Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. In the end brush your hands with almond oil.

Hands are probably the most widely used and most watched part of the human body. Never neglect their care.

Dilated visible pores destroy the stunning look of facial skin and are source of concern for many women. Unfortunately, the permanent reduction size of the pores is only a female fantasy. Any dermatologist will confirm that it is impossible to permanently reduce the size of the pores. But, you can visually minimize the small holes in the skin, so the face finally will lose the look of orange peel and become smoother.


Tomatoes for tighter skin

Maybe it sounds strange, but tomatoes are the most practical and safest 'cure' for dilated pores. Simply cut a tomato and squeeze it for to make pulp, or put it for a few seconds in blender. Apply of the pulp on face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. You'll notice that your skin is tighter, and pores reduced to a minimum.

Mask of egg and orange tightes the pores 

Make a mix of two egg and ¼ cup orange juice. Stir the mixture and apply it on face. Let it dry and then wash with warm water. Pores are instantly collected, and the skin gets gorgeous glow.

Tonic for minimizing pores with mint and malic acid

Take 7-8 fresh mint leaves and cut them in small pieces. Add four spoons of malic acid. Place the mixture in the bottle and let it for 5-6 days. Then drain acid to remove the mint leaves and add water cup. Use the solution before going in bed because acid has a strong smell.

Fast effect with ice

Take an ice cube and pass it on the face's places where you have visible pores. Do not hold the ice on the face for a long time, because it will traumatized the skin. Ice reduces pores, and the perfect time to use this trick is before applying makeup.

Mask for deep cleaning with honey and clay

Mix one spoon of honey with one spoon of green clay. According to your needs you can add a few drops of lemon in the mask. Put the mask on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.


Wash your face with a soft gel twice a day - morning and evening.
Never go to bed with makeup on your face.

When you were little, I'm sure your mother constantly repeated to you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although this sentence is embedded in your head, you probably often leave your home without taking breakfast before, or saying that you're skipping breakfast to save some calories, starving until lunch. Any skipping breakfast is a mistake that affects your health and your appearance.

But why is breakfast so important? Here are the most striking reasons why you should have breakfast every day:

1. Breakfast improves concentration, focus and productivity

Eating in the morning improves concentration and increases the ability to focus. Perhaps you have felt it difficult to concentrate while you stomach crackles.

2. Breakfast increases energy

People who start their day with breakfast have more energy and can withstand intense physical activity. This means that if ate your breakfast, it is more likely to endure hard aerobics class and easily create your body.

3.Breakfast improves mood

People who eat breakfast increase the level of serotonin in the brain, which results with a feeling of wellbeing. If you didn't eat breakfast, it is more likely to be irritable and nervous. Studies show that "breakfasters" suffer less from anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.

4. Breakfast speeds up metabolism

When you don't eat for a longer period (overnight), the body begins to "think" that you are hungry and stores more fat. Breakfast stimulates metabolism and stimulates the body to burn calories.

5. Breakfast controls appetite

Although you think that morning fasting will reduce intake of calories and accelerate weight loss, the reality is different. If you are hungry in the early day, studies show that later you will be more inclined to overeat. People who don't eat breakfast make unhealthy and worse food choices in the rest of the day.

John Galliano has not received his successor for creative director Dior yet, but his longtime assistant Bill Gajten successfully leаd the French fashion house. Fashion critics embraced his latest collection presented within the Paris haute couture week. In last year's mixed criticism, this year Bill can breath and enjoy the compliments.

"The models are just as they were out of Mad Men. This was quite contrary to John Galliano's fantasy. It was very workable "- said Alexandra Shulman after the show.

Layers of silk arranged in a manner reminiscent of fluffy clouds hop on the runway, while black "crocodile" creations  glittered on models' bodies. Gajten intensify the elegance of the retro feminine creations from the 50s years to create clothes in which women would like to invest. Grand toilets in red and black were the perfect icing on the Gajten's cake. 

Donatella Versace has returned to the club of high-fashion designers. After a break of eight years the famous Italian fashion house presented its first "haute couture" collection on the fashion week in the city of light. "The world needs glamour and I missed my high fashion " - says Donatella.

Gorgeous creations shined while models with endless legs presented on the runway. "She is a very glamorous warrior" - with these words Donatella described the appearance of the models.

A total of 15 creations were displayed on the "golden" stage. The models presented creations, while in the background was singing legendary opera singer Maria Callas.

Today women can learn so much about beauty and they read so much information about it, so it is easy to ignore those really important facts. During daily beautifying we all make certain mistakes and think they are not bad. I've selected some common mistakes and also tips to correct them.

1. Putting conditioner on the hair from roots to tips

Why is this a mistake? The conditioner is not hair shampoo and should not be used in the same way. If you regularly put conditioner on the hair, the scalp will accrue "debris" that will make your hair look flat. Another problem is that you will have greasy hair and it will be necessary to wash it more often, especially if you have soft hair. Women with curly hair who use conditioner on the entire length of hair may notice that the curlies lose its shape near the roots.

Tip: Apply conditioner only on the space below the level at which are the ears. This will save your volume, and besides that you will save your money.

2. Sharing makeup with friends

Why is this a mistake? The answer is simple - the exchange of your makeup, you're exchanging bacteria and viruses. You should be especially defensively minded to your mascara, eye and lips liner. If you borrow them to your friend you may end up with infection or inflammation of the eye, or with herpes on the lips. Through the mascara or eye liner you can be infected with conjunctivitis or "pink eye". No matter that your friend has not a symptom of "pink eye", it can still cause you inflammation. Sharing lipstick with a friend who has herpes can cause you to get your own. In this case also, it is not necessary to have on her lips visible bubbles for you to suffer.

Tip: You can share secrets with your friends, but as every dermatologist will say, you should never share makeup. If you were not able to get out and you borrowed some makeup product to your friend, it is recommended to "clear" it after you take back. If it is eye liner sharp it. For eye shadow or lipstick, use napkin and pass it on the surface.

3. Spraying perfume before you go out

Why is this a mistake? No matter how careful you are if your spray with perfume after you dress up and makeup, some of it will end up on clothing. Not only perfume can leave marks on your clothes, but will change its flavor and can become uncomfortable. All perfumes are formulated to be inflicted on the skin and not on any fabric.

Tip: Before you dress up, spray a perfume on pulse points - hand wrists, behind the lips, bottom of the neck. The rule is not to rub the wrists of the hands one from another after putting perfume.

4. Putting powder before hydrating cream gets dry 

Why is this a mistake? Putting powder on a face who has undry cream can cause stains, because the powder on some places will be more diluted, and on other more intense. Moreover, it can be reduced coverage offered makeup and skin imperfections to become visible.

Tip: After applying of hydrating cream, wait at least one minute before you put the powder. If you really do not have time, take a thin layer of the napkin and gently press the face to absorb the cream, then continue with the makeup.

5. Plucking eyebrows and standing too close to the mirror

Why is this a mistake? When you stand too close to the mirror, you concentrate on each hair separately, instead of the full form of eyebrows. Well, as a result, it is likely to pluck more than is necessary.

Tip: While you shape your eyebrows, you should see the whole face so you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows to other facial features. Therefore, it is best not to do it looking in mirror which increase, but in front of a normal mirror set in a bright room. After plucking every two hairs, depart of the mirror to see your progress and you where to make corrections.

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