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The legendary Ritz in Paris in next two years will be closed for a thorough renovation. Hotel in which lived Coco Chanel for 40 years was always synonymous for luxury, place for celebrities like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Oscar Wilde, Truman Capone, Jean-Paul Sartre and Hemingway.

In honor of the spectacular Hotel Vogue chose Kate Moss for editorial tale with stunning haute couture models from major fashion houses like Chanel, McQueen, Dior, Armani and Valentino.

If there is one place where high fashion does not seem excessive and unwearable, then that is certainly the gorgeous palace in Paris.

The new advertising Yamamay campaign will cause you to expect the summer arrival. On these paradise photographs Macedonian beauty Katarina Ivanovska poses on white sandy beaches that will arouse your fantasies of summer enjoying on the beach.

Preserved natural beaches on the island Kulebra, Puerto Rico, was the location where the Italian brand made photo-session for the summer collection 2012.

Katarina wearing swimwear and clothing for the beach from the line "Geometrico" characterized by geometric patterns from the line "Elegante" which includes monochrome models decorated with dazzling details.


Spanish "Elle" with this hot editorial with Bar Refaeli will motivate readers to become physically active before the summer. Israeli beauty proudly shows her body posing naked on the beach and reminds us that it is high time to prepare your body for bikini season.

In an interview for the magazine, Bar shared that she has always been an opponent of dieting and starvation. "I personally don't think that weak models are attractive. I love to eat. The worst thing for me would be to starve or to be on a diet." - she admitted.

If you have already started with exercising, you need to follow a few rules and tips to be successful in achieving your goals.

I separated 10 tips that will help you during exercise:

1. Make a plan for exercise in which you can track your progress and to monitor your consistency.

2. Set yourself goals so you can see if you are proceeding.

3. Drink enough water so the body can properly doing the job.

4. Be well equipped. Buy the best clothing you can afford to exercise to be pleasing and comfortable.

5. Get ready for exercise. Do not waste the hours in the changing clothes and making hairstyle for the exercise.

6. Do not become obsessed with exercise.

7. Preheat right so you will avoid injuries.

8. Stretch after exercise to prevent muscle soreness.

9. Rest yourself. Every month rest from exercise. Your body appreciates a break and will return you at full strength.

10. Try new and different exercises.

Diets are not effective if you do not follow consistently healthy nutrition, nutrition in general, unless you don't move and don't have a strong desire to stay in shape.

Here are some tips that you should have in mind if you want to maintain your body line:

1. In the refrigerator always keep fruit and vegetables, but eat only when you are hungry.

2. Spend more time with your family. If you have children, playing with them will help you to 
    escape from thoughts about food.

3. You must believe in yourself. If you start with a thought "no chance to succeed," certainly you will    
    not succeed. But if you try and give your best...expect the best.

4. For every 4 hours eat some fruit - orange, apple, banana.

5. Always carry with yourself a small bottle of water. If you are hungry drink some water and you will 
    get a feeling of fullness in the body.

6. Do not skip breakfast. At morning eat well for the afternoon to be less hungry.

7. Do not always drive a car. Try to walk more or if you have time, every morning before work try to  

Although they will not recognize, men like compliments as much as women. Surely you've noticed that after every compliment in the eyes of your partner appears sparkle and his lips are trying to conceal a smile. So, give a compliment to your man, as much as you can.

Whether your relationship is fresh or you are together for years, here are the compliments that your partner would like to hear from you:

"You always know how to make me laugh"

Like most men, and your partner certainly think that the sense of humor is especially important feature that every man should have. Yes, your smile says to him that he knows how to make you smile, but sometimes it is not enough. From time to time you need to verbally confirm that you enjoy his jokes and riddles. So, tell him that you are happy that finally you have found a person with great sense of humor or that only he knows how to make you laugh when there are dark clouds hanging over your head.

"I can see that you are practicing"

Let's be real, men are also obsessed with the look of their body and they want women to see them as strong and muscular. Some of them spend a few hours in the gym hall, trying to impress the representatives of the gentler sex. If you want to praise his fit look, it is not necessarily to say "What big muscles you have" or "your stomach is like a stone," but it is enough to ask "What are you practicing?". If you are in a long relationship and see that your loved one maintain the appearance with exercise you should tell him that exercise reflects great on him and his appearance waking up your fantasies.

"I feel safe/secure in your arms"

Probably you have noticed the desire of men to be your protectors and heroes. It is a natural necessity which appears in every man, by which he feels strong and powerful. Tell your man that in his arms you feel safe and that his presence is enough to be convinced that you're protected from everything. He will feel like he win a gold trophy football tournament.

"This was the best sex I ever had"

Positive comments related to sex are on top of any list of desirable compliments. Some women needlessly are embarrassed to give a sexual compliment to their partner. Men are more confident, more experimenting and enjoy when they know that their partner is satisfied. Your partner will do everything to be the best of all that you have ever been intimate with. Do not forget to tell him this and enjoy it while he is trying to justify the title of "the best".

"You're very good in what you do"

Whether your partner is working hard for personal satisfaction or to feed his family, he would like to know that you appreciate his effort rather than money he earned. Tell him that you are amazed by how good is he at his profession. It will be sufficient proof that you are pride with him and motivation to continue to progress at a rapid pace.

The current shoes collection by Steve Madden is a true paradise for your eyes, so it is not difficult to see why modern girls eagerly anticipate any collection of this brand.

Taking spring trends as a basis, the creators have managed to create a totally affordable modern designs that smoothly pass from the runways to the streets.

Elegant high heels shoes in cheerful colors, multicolored sandals and a thick heels, sandals with full heels... The rich supply of models and colors is irresistible bait for the female view.