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Megan Fox is among the most beautiful women in the world. Unlike many other stars who claim to hate what is called sex symbols, 25-year-old actress admits she does not complain about the resulting title and that she could never replace herself witn an unattractive girl.

"I live well with my image. I can not complain. I would not replace my place with an unattractive girl "- said Megan in an interview for the magazine "Jalouse".

On some of the photos made for the magazine, Megan looks like a real lady, and on the others like fun young girl.
Although Fox works successfully as a model for brands like Armani, she says that she does not want to pose for photos.

"I hate when they are taking photos of me. I never see them, because I know that I will want to change everything. I prefer not to see any of my photos and to trust the photographer, who knows what to do"- said Fox.


Alex Gibbons said...

Thought she was a bit overrated by most people but looks fantastic here.

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