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When you were little, I'm sure your mother constantly repeated to you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although this sentence is embedded in your head, you probably often leave your home without taking breakfast before, or saying that you're skipping breakfast to save some calories, starving until lunch. Any skipping breakfast is a mistake that affects your health and your appearance.

But why is breakfast so important? Here are the most striking reasons why you should have breakfast every day:

1. Breakfast improves concentration, focus and productivity

Eating in the morning improves concentration and increases the ability to focus. Perhaps you have felt it difficult to concentrate while you stomach crackles.

2. Breakfast increases energy

People who start their day with breakfast have more energy and can withstand intense physical activity. This means that if ate your breakfast, it is more likely to endure hard aerobics class and easily create your body.

3.Breakfast improves mood

People who eat breakfast increase the level of serotonin in the brain, which results with a feeling of wellbeing. If you didn't eat breakfast, it is more likely to be irritable and nervous. Studies show that "breakfasters" suffer less from anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.

4. Breakfast speeds up metabolism

When you don't eat for a longer period (overnight), the body begins to "think" that you are hungry and stores more fat. Breakfast stimulates metabolism and stimulates the body to burn calories.

5. Breakfast controls appetite

Although you think that morning fasting will reduce intake of calories and accelerate weight loss, the reality is different. If you are hungry in the early day, studies show that later you will be more inclined to overeat. People who don't eat breakfast make unhealthy and worse food choices in the rest of the day.


Kristjan said...

Nice. Did not know that breakfast is that important.

Vague Raconteur said...

Thank you! Was trying to remind myself why I eat muesli and a banana each morning :D

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