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Dilated visible pores destroy the stunning look of facial skin and are source of concern for many women. Unfortunately, the permanent reduction size of the pores is only a female fantasy. Any dermatologist will confirm that it is impossible to permanently reduce the size of the pores. But, you can visually minimize the small holes in the skin, so the face finally will lose the look of orange peel and become smoother.


Tomatoes for tighter skin

Maybe it sounds strange, but tomatoes are the most practical and safest 'cure' for dilated pores. Simply cut a tomato and squeeze it for to make pulp, or put it for a few seconds in blender. Apply of the pulp on face and leave it for 20-30 minutes. You'll notice that your skin is tighter, and pores reduced to a minimum.

Mask of egg and orange tightes the pores 

Make a mix of two egg and ¼ cup orange juice. Stir the mixture and apply it on face. Let it dry and then wash with warm water. Pores are instantly collected, and the skin gets gorgeous glow.

Tonic for minimizing pores with mint and malic acid

Take 7-8 fresh mint leaves and cut them in small pieces. Add four spoons of malic acid. Place the mixture in the bottle and let it for 5-6 days. Then drain acid to remove the mint leaves and add water cup. Use the solution before going in bed because acid has a strong smell.

Fast effect with ice

Take an ice cube and pass it on the face's places where you have visible pores. Do not hold the ice on the face for a long time, because it will traumatized the skin. Ice reduces pores, and the perfect time to use this trick is before applying makeup.

Mask for deep cleaning with honey and clay

Mix one spoon of honey with one spoon of green clay. According to your needs you can add a few drops of lemon in the mask. Put the mask on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.


Wash your face with a soft gel twice a day - morning and evening.
Never go to bed with makeup on your face.


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