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1. Always wear hair tied in pony-tail. If you're obsessed with this quick and simple hairstyle, definitely need to focus on your hairstylist. It's time for modern hairstyle. Cut your hair shorter and in layers, so you can't get your pony-tail back.
2. Laid off locks. Curved hair can look beautiful and nead, but shaggy and lifeless. If your locks are laid off and your hair is attached, you should immediately visit the hairdresser. Make your hair and layers of shorter bangs who will wear away in order to update your look.
3. Faded hair color and not discolored roots. Over time the color fades from hair. Maybe a month ago you had beautiful brown hair, and today it has a reddish shade. Black roots in combination with blond hair does not stand to everyone. That means you need to make a schedule for painting at your hairdresser. Use shampoos for colored hair and refresh your hair color every 6-8 weeks.
4. You've gained some weight. If you have visibly increased weight, the popular hairstyle "Bob" is no longer your type. Visit the hairdresser to adjust the hair according to your face.
5. Are you sick of your current hairstyle? If you have not changed your hairstyle for several years and want a fresh new style, don't be afraid to visit a hairdresser. Do yours or your hairdressers idea, make a style that will satisfy you.
6. Making your hair takes too much time. If your hardens your time to make it look nice, or you use too much cosmetic products to fix it, you should really visit your hairdresser.
7. You want to get in the mood. Every woman when she comes out of the hair salon is happier, more assertive and feel more attractive. You feel depressed? Go to the hairdresser. The attention you will get will cheer you up, and you will know about all the "happenings" in the town.


Jeff said...

Does this count for guys :) I need a new hair style

Radux said...

My hair is way too short for a pony tail :D

paledarkness said...

Great advice! I actually just got my hair cut ( trim and layers around my face) TOTALLY brought new life to ma du! Your so right :D

Dick Burns said...

I know a lot of women who need to take this advice, lol.

#19 said...

I happen to like pony-tails on the girls.

Heather said...

I totally agree with #7..I always feel so pretty walking out of the salon!

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