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Summer has finally arrived, and it's finally time to take away your summer dresses from the cupboard and enjoy the completion of your styling. What can fullfil and beautify your appearance? This summer brings a lot of interesting accessories. If you use some of them, you will really be a Summer Girl 2011!

* Cat eyeglasses - Women with heartshaped or squareshaped face will love this fancy accessory because these glasses are made for them.

* Aviator sunglasses - Do not hesitate whether to add such a pair of glasses in your accessories collection. Sure aviator glasses will keep his place on the fashion scene at least another few seasons.

* Retro sunglasses - Whether you choose black, white, other colors or patterns, big retro glasses are a fantastic accessory for the whole year.

* Bright color bags - With a small pouch in bright fresh color it's a simple way to defeat the monotony of clothing and a safe way to follow the trend of optimistic fresh colors.

* Little white bags - Choose small white pouch with metal details and you won't make a mistake. Solar season puts gentle colors like cream and sand on stage.

* Floppy hats - It is best to combine with pants with baggy trousers, high waist pants or maxi dress.

* Panama hats - hat Combine this with fine linen to avoid fashion mistakes.

Bracelets - If you wear colorful clothes, it is better to focus on bracelets in one color or many close shades. In any case, the bracelets should be large and impressive.

Hanging earings - Many celebrities have already promoted this trend, wearing only one earring of a colorful feather in Indian style.

Necklace - size is important, at least when it comes to modern jewelry for the spring / summer season. The more colorful and remarkable  necklace you wear, the better.

Pink gold jewelry - Pink gold is an absolute hit. Its interesting glow will win during the spring and summer days.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to get my girl some nice jewelry :)
We make a year of our relationship soon :)

Moto-Gamer said...

Out of three choices for sunglasses, I find the retro sunglasses more attractive on females. On a side note, the hats might start being a new trend.

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