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When summer arrives, it's more difficult to choose a swimsuit then destination. "What is the best for my shape? My color? What is trendy this summer?" Relax! Narrow down your choices, in order to help yourself. If you wear a costume model, like those we'll show you, you won't make a mistake.

One-part swimwear can best emphasize your body. It may cover most of your body, but you will still look sexy and glamorous.

Two-part suit with a high waist can be seen in the new summer collections of famous designers. The lower part of the costume ends where your thinnest part of your lower back is, thus making you thinner and more feminine.

Clothes with stripes are everywhere. Besides the classic combination black/white stripes, stripes in other colors are getting popular.

You must have at least one swimsuit with flower pattern. Patterned clothers are for the summer.

Animal printings are fitting well this summer. There are different patterns, so you're free to experiment.

If you wore one color swimsuit last summer, try something more colored this year. The more the colors, the more interesting the suit.

Golden color looks perfect under the sun. Be glamorous.

Swimwear and jewelry have finally joined. You'll look relaxed and elegant at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I think the last one looks the best.

Radux said...

Nope, white/black one. Definitely.

Dick Burns said...

I may need to see some pictures of women with extra large breasts in bikinis as an example too. I just like to see the variation. ^__^

Tomgh@MirrorG said...

That second girl looks like a Cameron Diaz/ Keira Knightley mix

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