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Do you have a headache? Are you feeling tired? Leave the pills! Natural medicine is the best cure! We have fruits and vegetables in abundance. Each one of them can help. It's tasty and it gives you the energy you need troughout the day.


 Raisins are a rich source of potassium, which reduces and regulates the blood pressure. Besides potassium, it contains fiber which helps reducing high blood pressure. 


 It's enough to eat one baked potato to weaken your headache, especially if it occured due to dehydration or it is associated with alchohol consumption.


 Bananas are full of potassium and vitamin B6 which help the brain to produce serotonin.

Tuna is rich in selenium, and it is known that people who do not get enough selenium are anxious,melancholic and often tired.


Basil contains substances that soothe the pain, stomach ache and helps against diarrhea and iritable bowel. 


Fructose and the vitamin C will work together to restore strength and to boost your energy.

Chamomile tea can improve your digestive system, thus reducing gas presence in your stomache.


 Many studies have confirmed that ginger tea is helpful in nausea caused by travel or morning sickness during the first months of pregnancy.


Dick Burns said...

I really enjoyed this post. I'm always into nutrition information. I want to live as long as possible. :)

logo mess said...

Naturality for the win ! Thats a word! I will try to brew such an cup for my gf :)

Anonymous said...

Eat tuna all the time, didn't know that though.

paulz said...

Very good writeup :)

ReMs said...

Oh favorite, long time since i had some though

Dralel said...

They look so yummy!

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