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You may practice this healthy habit, but if you do it correctly. Running is great for all the muscles of the body, and nice weather just makes it more fun and more attractive.

    * Look ahead. Focus your eyes on the surface of the Earth 3 to 6 meters in front of you.
    * Do not run on fingers or toes. It causes pain, injury and a waste of energy. Try to run with the middle of the foot.
    * Keep your hands at waist height of a place where we could easily reach the hips. Let them be an angle of 90 degrees.
    * While you run, relax your hands, just lightly press them - kinda like having an eggs in your hands.
    * Keep your attitude flat and straight. The head should be lifted and the back straight. Check yourself from time to time.
    * Relax the shoulders in the right frame or directed forward, not bent inwards. If you move forward too, lungs could be pressed and you will breathe harder.
    * Swing with your hands forwards and backwards from your wrist rather than elbow.
    * Don't jump-run. Try to keep up closer to the surface and focus on quick change of pace. Conserve energy and save your feet from fatigue.
    * Avoid swinging arms from one side to another. If your hands are crossing the chest, most likely is that you feel limpness, which means that you don't breathe enough.


Insider33 said...

Good tips, I'll keep in mind.

Randall A. said...

Great tips. I used to run in middle school for track (first placer in regionals) and another great one to know is breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. The breaths will be cleaner through the nose, and will be able to escape faster through the mouth to start another breath.

This also helps because it stabilizes otherwise arduous breathing through the mouth. Plus you don't look as silly. :P

Anonymous said...

Good tips, do people actually run on their fingers?

paulz said...

Very good tips.

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