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Caring for your health does not consist only of the consumption of healthy food and vitamins, but it depends on the small habits in our everyday lives. Sometimes small things can greatly affect our health. You do not need much time to do something that will bring you better emotional, mental or physical health. Use some of these tips, and see the result yourself.

Wear low heels. Heel with a height of 3 to 5 centimetres won't create pain in the legs, but will visually heighten your legs so they look better. Perhaps surprisingly, but this will improve and your sex life because it strengthens the muscles of the genitals.

Refresh under the shower. Although hot shower is more alluring, cold shower brings better benefits. End the shower with cold water. That way , you will immediately get more energy, you will improve your mood and will beautify your skin.

Give your skin orange juice. Of course, you should not put juice on the skin, but drink. Vitamin C which is in natural juice helps with clearing and beautifying the skin, reduce dryness and to some extent protecting the skin from wrinkles.

Fill a vase with fresh flowers. Studies show that people who every morning see fresh flowers has more energy during the day.

Think of your loved one. Experts advise that it is enough to consciously think of your loved one 30 minutes a day to improve mental and emotional health. Nurturing of a sense of love stimulates the brain.

Smile. Even if you do not feel like it, smile and you will immediately feel how your mood improves. Not only that laughter has the power to heal, but also makes you more attractive.


Anonymous said...

I always think of my loved one. It really gives me positive energy :)

Moto-Gamer said...

Cold showers? That might be the reason why females have smoother bodies than us. Personally, I rather enjoy the warm water hitting my body than to have smooth skin.

Heather said...

I really like the flower idea :]

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