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Next time you're doing your hair, I'm sure you would not think what men like, so to adjust it, but it is interesting to know which hairstyles are attractive to men or not.

Matt Bean, associate of Women's Health, reveals which women hairstyles men like and why.



The love it because it reveals the neck and has a sexy seductive curve.

Elegantly collected hair

Men love this hairstyle because women look elegant while they are out with her and they think of the moments when she will release her beautiful long hair.


Men love bangs because they show individuality.

Boho braids

Men like them because they seem more natural, light and sexy braids.


Tight braids

Men do not like them because they don't look feminine, but more like children.

Pippi longstocking

They don't look feminine.

Shaggy hair

Too shaggy appearance is not attractive to men because it seems that your hair is as a place for "Lost and Found" and it has stuck even bird feathers.

High volume hair

They do not like it because it is too attacked and looks artificial.


Etaron said...

This is absurd, I like shaggy hair ;(

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