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As you carefully choose what to eat, you should be careful what you drink too. Fluids that should be healthy and filled us with energy actually are rich with sugar and additives.
Of course, we should not give up of any beverage completely, but be careful with the consummation.

One note: water and herbal teas are choices that are truly good for us.

1. "Natural Juices"
Juices that are sold with a label - natural, most of them are only water with added color and sugar. If you want a healthy drink, buy only those juices that are produced from natural juice with no added sweetener.

2. Water with taste
Water with taste may ensures a small amount of vitamins, but it is also full of sugar. Therefore it should be avoided, and it is good to pay attention when buying plain water. If the label says that apart from water and natural supplements is another thing, leave it on the shelf.

3. Carbonated beverages
Their taste is hard to resist, but other than short-term enjoyment, soft drinks will not bring anything good. Filled with sugar and empty calories, often contain caffeine, have no nutritional value, their main ingredient phosphate has toxic action: it can accelerate the aging process.

4. Cocktails
Tempting mixtures of fruit liqueurs and spirits drink can contain up to 880 calories, which is eight times more than a shot of rum. Good circumstance is that we consume them more in summer.

5. Fruit shakes
Fruit is healthy, but fruit shake from one liter can count up to 700 calories and only two grams of protein, due to the large share of sugar. It's like suddenly eat pineapple, mango, one bowl of blueberries and one bowl of strawberries. Why is it bad? Calories from any food turn into fat if you eat more than they  are spend.

6. Spirits drink
Moderate consumption of alcohol, one to two drinks per week, it rises level of good cholesterol, stimulates circulation and speeds up metabolism. But if you drink more than that the risk of obesity and other health problems increases.

7. Energy drinks
Most energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar. Therefore, when you feel exhausted or lack of concentration drink a cup of green tea or eat a handful of cleaned nuts.


Vague Raconteur said...

Hence why I feel good just drinking my water. :D

Gibbo said...

Truly gutted about flavoured waters. I thought they were a bit better to drink!

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