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Do you like to experiment with the color of your lipstick? Most women have at least a couple of lipsticks in their cosmetic collection and depending on the occasions, they highlight their lips with a different color.

Yes, women love lipsticks, but men are not big fans of it, because they do not want traces of lipstick on their face or clothing. However, believe it or not, men also have an opinion about the lipstick color.

Matt Bean, associate of the famous men's magazine Men's Health, in addition to "The Tread" on Yahoo discovered what kind of message sends to men the color of your lipstick.

Red lips

With this color you say "Look at me", "now look at me". It is the color that sends a signal that you want attention. If you paint your lips red when you're out at a night bar with girlfriends, you will tease the male to look at you. When you have dinner with your husband and you put on a red lipstick, you actually say you want to warm your relationship.
The downside of red lipstick appears when he wants to kiss you, and after the kiss he will look like a clown.

Hot pink lips

Intense pink lipstick does not bring in itself that classic romance that the red lipstick radiates with. Strong pink color is more rock or punk style and shows the presence of an adventurous spirit.

Bold pink color says that you do not run away from "rock 'n' roll". From a woman who uses this nuance man expect to have good taste in music.

Dark purple / maroon lips

Men think you are not afraid to risk if your lipstick is dark purple or burgundy color. These dark shades send a message that you are temperamental, strict and harsh, but in a good way, and that you are apart from the others.
When the right woman put such nuance, it arouses curiosity among men.

Neutral lips

"When you have lipstick in the same color as the skin color, you look as if you stood in the cold too long. Seems unattractive "- says Matt.
And for men the neutral lip gloss should be blacklisted because shiny lip color look like donuts with glaze.

Bright orange lips

Orange lips tell men that you are fun, energized and have interesting character.
Also, orange lipstick says you're very confident person and you are not afraid to try something new.

Metallic lips

Teenagers might be able to "get away" with metallic lips. But any woman past the twentieth years of life should have banned use these colors because they will look cheap.
Lips with fireflies are also repulsive to men and they think that they should remain only in strip clubs.


Kingmush said...

Interesting. As a guy I find this pretty accurate.

Vague Raconteur said...

This is all pretty true. I should know, I have man parts. I think.

Etaron said...

Mh... more or less, accurate.

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