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Black Hair 
- Best to go with the classic smokey eyes look. To highlight eyes, use dark gray or dark blue shade and use black eye pencil and black make-up.  
- Pink color blush will bring warmth to your face.
- Glossy lips in pink or red lipstick, depending on the makeup of the eyes.

- Brunnetes are always advised to use eye shadows in colors that are close to the color of their hair. Brunettes look always good with brownish shades. Darker the hair, better the brown shade.
- Use coral blush color, colored or peach colored tile (terracotta).
- Lipstics in coral or peach color will give your lips freshness. The striking evening look, use red rose, red wine or cherry colored lipstick.

- Smooth pastel colors are great for your delicate appearance. You will look at your best if you use shades in pink, golden, peach or champagne color.
- You look good with pink or peach blush.
- Pink shades lipsticks are the perfect choice. Also lipsticks which are in the same color as your lips are recomended too.

- You won't be wrong if you use shades in honey, copper, caramel color or any shade between brown and gray color.
 - Highlight your applecheeks with peach or appricot blush.
- The best choice for your lipstick would be with color of peach or apricot. Avoid pink lipstick.


Supernova said...

I agree, I'm a brunette and I think I look best with brown and purple eyeshadows :)


This is great advice

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