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Summer arrived in full force and tropical temperatures began to affect our everyday lives. As much as we love the summer, the heat becomes unbearable and sometimes drains us. Well, we have prepared a guide with basic recommendations and tips to help you bear with high temperatures and to avoid health problems that are caused by heat.

  • Avoid the sun. During the hottest time of day (11 to 17 h) it's recommended to move into closed and preferably air-conditioned rooms. Try to finish all jobs and tasks in the morning or afternoon, when the sunlights are weaker, and the temperature is low.

  • If you travel by bus or car, it would be a good idea that you have a small bottle with cold water. Transport vehicles, especially those without air conditioning limit the skin to breathe easily, thus dehydrating the body faster.
  • When driving the car on longer distances, do not forget to protect your body from left side. In most countries, drivers expose the left side of the body while behind the wheel. If you need to drive a long road, it's good to use lotion with SPF.
  • While walking, try to walk under shadow. Even if you spend a few meters more, choose to move under shade to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Wear bright light clothing. Throughout the day, wear bright clothes from nice wide material that would allow the skin to breathe. Choose skirts over pants.
  • Wear a straw hat and sunglasses. When exposed to sunlight, wear a straw hat. Do not wear hats that will only create additional heat. Sunglasses protect eyes and delicate skin around the eyes, so don't get out from home without them.
  • Limit your physical activity throughout the day. Be as not active as posible, especially in the period between 12h and 16h.
  • Exercise either in the early morning or late afternoon. Be early on your feet, and start your day with exercise or postpone the physical activity after 18h. In these periods you have more energy.
  • When you know that you will be exposed to the sun, use a cream with a minimum SPF 15. Brush your face, hands and shoulders, or those parts of the body, you know that the sun burns the most.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and beware of dehydration. Even if you're thirsty, drink cold liquids throughout the day. Avoid coffee and alcohol.
  • Do not drink extremely cold water. If you consume very cold drinks, you can end up with cramps and abdominal pain.
  • Skip fizzy drinks. Cold fizzy drinks act very refreshing and can currently remove your thirst, but the sugar that is present in them after a short time will cause you to be even thirstier than before.
  • If sweating is increased, keep in mind that you lose a lot of minerals. In this case, it is good to get some pills with minerals and / or eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Consume light meals. Hot reduces appetite, but you shouldn't skip meals because of that. Simply replace the heavy meals with salads and fruit.
  • When you're home, get in the coldest part of the house. It is usually set on the north side. If you live in a house, it is better to stay on the lower floor.
  • Cover the windows during the day. Keep shades and blinds down. Lift them when the temperature will cool.
  • Eliminate sources of heat. An additional source of heat is the oven. Avoid cooking in it while the temperatures are very hot.
  • Cool your face with cold water. From time to time wash your face with cold water. Not only you feel refreshed, but this will remove sweat and increase blood circulation and thus improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Put the joints of the hands under cold water. Every 2-3 hours go to the tap and put jet of cold water on your pulse-points. This is a great way to cool that you can apply anywhere.
  • Put a damp cloth or scarf at the neck. If you feel sick, put a wet towel on the back of the neck. You'll feel reliefed.
  • Cool yourself with sprayer. Put water in a sprayer bottle and occasionally spray your legs, arms and face.
  • Shower regularly with mild water. Do not shower with cold water, because that way you just chill the body for a short time. After 10-15 minutes you can feel even hotter. Shower with lukewarm water - that way you won't shock the body.
  • Sleep with the window open, but only if it's safe. Install safety net to avoid nasty mosquitoes that can disrupt your sleep much more than it does hot weather.


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WOw, this was very good information I enjoyed it:)

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thank you for your suggestion but i dont need it... i think the summer here is gone... its so cold right now

Diego Sousa said...

great info! + followed

Ferko Mrkvička said...

as noises said, there is so cold in my country for the past 2 weeks we dont even think it is summer... :(

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Good tips!

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Thanks for the tips, I just hope is gets warmer in England >.<

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Great blog, gonna show this to my girlfriend, she'd love it.

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GENETICS said...

I love summer!! Definitely hot, I had to get a new fridge. Sleeping with the windows open sounds unsafe if you live in the ghetto, though. :P

Natural One said...

Good advice!

Jon Dujaka said...

I look like a retarted person chasing the shadows, chaging the side of the road just so I stay on shade.

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Great tips, following this blog :)

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That's way too many precautions for a "simple vacation"... sounds like a job i wouldn't be able to relax like that!

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Wow, now I know why I haven't been too hungry lately.

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