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Whether you are elegantly dressed or wear t-shirt and jeans, you still need a purse. Big or small, black or white, one-colored or multicolored. The choice is huge. First combine the clothes, and then choose appropriate purse. Not everyone can afford designer purse but that does not mean you should get fake copies. There is nothing worse than the name of the designer to be incorrectly written. When you wear a purse, wear it with style.
And guys... Have you ever thought of getting your girlfriend a purse for a gift?






Randall A. said...

It's sad that so many people try to fake these, too. :P

Bremsy said...

I hate this high end bags I think it's the biggest rip off since designer jeans -.- they don't look anything special except for the damn name and that brings their price up

amBored said...

these look luxury followed

Jonathan said...

i'll show my girlfriend, she loves these stuff
but i think they're so expensive ..


Anonymous said...

I'll get my girl a nice purse someday :)

jope said...

my sister bought gucci's purse and afterwards it became clear that it was fake one >(

DM said...

Nothing like buying a fake louis and no one being able to tell its fake :P

GENETICS said...

FAKE LOUIS YEAH! My favorite bag.

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