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Cheryl Cole is a true seductress on pictures from her photo session for the British edition of men's magazine "GQ".

Dressed in red and black creations with unbuttoned patents, pop singer posing with red lipstick on her lips, "smokey" look and "wet" hairstyle.

28-year-old beauty in an interview for the magazine shared that she is eagerly waiting to meet the right one so she can have children. "I want children. I'm obsessed with babies. Of course I thought about baby names a million times. Like Elves for a little boy. I know I'm on the Earth for that reason - to be a mother" - she admitted.

When it comes to men, Cheryl discovered that she is old fashioned and would never have taken the first step, even if she likes him very much. "I'm pretty old fashioned. I'm old romantic girl. I want to be conquered" - she said.


Vague Raconteur said...

Cheryl as a mother? Eww no...

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